Friday, August 15, 2008

Chis "Mad Dog" Russo

Whether it be mispronouncing every name, such as Osi "Ooomenora" or hearing him talk about his golf round from the previous weekend, the Doggie made everything interesting. While I am a diehard Yankee fan, his Yankee shtick was always worth listening to. Dressing up as the "Marquee" the week before the Super Bowl was always a must watch. Watching the Dog guess that weeks TV ratings (Nielson Ratings) or him antagonizing guests was always a must watch.

The wrong half of the show left. The funny, awkward, loveable Chris left, while the Arrogant, snobby Mike stayed.

Mike is known to have a short leash on callers, and allready tried to make ammends today and treated every caller with respect. Maybe mike has made the jump to be a great host by himself, but if he continues to be so stubborn, his show will fail, and Chris will laugh his way to a 15 million contract over 5 years with sirius.

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