Friday, August 15, 2008

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This Makes up for You Falling....Twice

Oh god, Alicia Sacramone is now my favorite olympian

Michael Phelps

Wait, so you've heard? Oh ok Michael Phelps is not human, he's a fish, he's Vinny Chase in Aquaman. 6 for 6 in Golds. 6 for 6 in world records. A Billion for a Billion in capturing America's heart. Phelps toughest race will be tonight, as he has nearly no room for error in a short 100 meter race. In the semifinals last night, he had his closest individual race, and for a while it looked like he was vulnerable. The 100 meter butterfly is the only race he does not have the World Record in, teamate Ian Crocker has it, for now. By 10:30 tongiht, Michael Phelps will have his 7th gold, and 7th world record and will be 1 gold short of passing Marc Spitz's record of 7 golds.

In other swimming news, Lochte had a great night, getting his first individual gold in the backstroke, and finishing 3rd in the individual Medley. Lazlow Csesh is silently having a great olympics, being the best human swimmer.

Chis "Mad Dog" Russo

Whether it be mispronouncing every name, such as Osi "Ooomenora" or hearing him talk about his golf round from the previous weekend, the Doggie made everything interesting. While I am a diehard Yankee fan, his Yankee shtick was always worth listening to. Dressing up as the "Marquee" the week before the Super Bowl was always a must watch. Watching the Dog guess that weeks TV ratings (Nielson Ratings) or him antagonizing guests was always a must watch.

The wrong half of the show left. The funny, awkward, loveable Chris left, while the Arrogant, snobby Mike stayed.

Mike is known to have a short leash on callers, and allready tried to make ammends today and treated every caller with respect. Maybe mike has made the jump to be a great host by himself, but if he continues to be so stubborn, his show will fail, and Chris will laugh his way to a 15 million contract over 5 years with sirius.

Doggie Out

In what should of been an exciting night as a die hard sports fan last night with 3 gold medals in swimming, Michael Phelps going 6 for 6 in gold medals and world records, and Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson going 1, 2 in the women's all around, was anything but an exciting night. Instead it was a emotional, monumental night with the news that the longtime Mike and the Mad Dog program would be no more. After nearly 19 years, Chris "Mad Dog" Russo left WFAN for presumably Sirius. Mike and Chris were the pioneers of sports talk radio on the first and most successful sports talk radio station WFAN New York.

When the news hit, I was stunned, sure Neil Best of Newsday (Checkout his blog, a must read) had been reporting this story for months, but it really hit when it became offiical. I shared many hours with Mike and the Dog, whether it be stuck in traffic on the Garden State, or taking the short carride to school, Mike and Chris were in my life every day.

Boy am I going to miss hearing “AAAAAAANNNNNNNNNDDDDDD Gooooood Afternooon everybaaaady" at 1:04 everyday. Who can forget the memorable moments on the program (Another post will be made with the top Mike and the Mad Dog Moments)

Some may fiind this childish or schoolgirlish getting so emotional over a radio show. But it was more then a radio show to so many, from Ira, to Jerome from Manhattan, and all the daily listeners. Mike and the Maddog were more then radio hosts, they were friends, guys at the bar talking sports from 1-6:30 every day.

Doggy, We will miss you

The Beginning

Welcome to Twenty-fifth Man Sports blog. Today (8/15/08) marks the first of hopefully a long and successful sports blog. Here, I will cover the world of Sports, ranging from baseball, football, basketball, announcing, the olympics, among other topics. Everything and anything will be discussed, and I encourage readers to comment and give feedback.